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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

On Greys Anatomy last week, not the best way to start a sentence, they had a 20 year old Donor Baby (all grown up) living still with the responsibility of handing out organs and suchwhat to her irresponsible thrill seeking action junkie extreme sports sister who doesn't give a damn because she's certain her cancer is going to come back no matter how much of her sister she needs for spare parts.

It was really messed up (depressing) listening to the donor sister talking about how she doesn't have a choice, and it's what she was born for and that she "feels" that she isn't allowed to say "no" becuase she's not a real person moreso than a toolbox... I think thay went as far as saying "I only think my parents love me when I'm saving my sister."`

What if Tuvix killed himself out of spite?

Assuming that they couldn't wring an alive Tuvok and Neelix out of a dead Tuvix.

(I must have had this idea before because I can feel myself reaching for the Blazing saddles quote where Cleavon little takes himself hostage, and I know I've cut and pasted that before.)

Why kill himself when he can be in a perpetual state of almost pulling the trigger?

A deaman's switch?
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