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Re: How long should the Federation last?

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Sisko maneuvered a sworn enemy of the federation into fighting (and dying) for the federation's cause,why would Starfleet, or the council, disapprove?
I agree with their decision, except they act kind of funny about these things.

They could have remained silent about the phased cloaking device too, but instead they confessed it right in front of the Romulans.

And yet during the Dominion war, when things got desparate, they had no problem making desperate, questionable decisions.

Isn't that what happened in Star Wars?

So this ultimately leads to the question; could the same thing that happened to the Republic happen to the Federation?

Admiral Leyton manipulated Sisko, Odo and the President into declaring martial law on earth with him in charge. And Sisko and Odo ain't fools.

It's funny because it's almost the exact same situation that happened in Star Wars.

And Palaptine played it beautifuly. He used fear and paranoia to convince the senate to grant him more law making power. He eventually had enough to declare himself emperor.

From democracy to an imperial dictatorship --all legally.

This time the Jedi and "hero effect" didn't matter--he had all the power and he had it legally. They were the outlaws.
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