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Re: NBA Season - 2013-2014

Well, Lakers win the first of the "Dwight battles" this season, and in Houston no less. Big surprise. The Rox shot 52 freethrows and made only 33 and lost by one point. D12 is such a bad freethrow shooter (and offensive player iin general) he brings the entire team's freethrow shooting down. Of the Rox 19 missed freethrows, Dwight missed 11 by himself -- 7 in the cruciale 4th quarter.

His freethrow shooting hurts worse than Shaq's used to becuase Shaq was such a great offensive player otherwise. James Harden said something about it after the game that was slightly less than positive, shall we say. Kobe went through this same thing last season.

As for the Lakers, they shot 30 some 3's and made 46% of them. Works well for a game or two, but makes the Lakers a jumpshooting team and jumpshooting teams go nowhere.

Well this sets us up for a loss to the Rox when we play them at Staples and also tonight against the Pelicans. Wish they had another day to set aside the euphoria of this big winn before having to play again. Glad this game was on national T.V. as I'm sure the other 2 Lakes/Rox games will be.
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