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Re: The new Post Your Desktop thread

Here's part of the current Memory Alpha Wiki entry on Crewman Cutler and the character's fate:

It is not known whether the character of Crewman Cutler was to have appeared in later episodes, as she did not appear in any episodes of the series' second season, although Cutler was mentioned in an episode in Enterprise's third season. Kellie Waymire had hoped to return to the part after the first season. Shortly following that season, she commented, "I don't want her just to be the nurse that shows up in Sickbay and gets things for Phlox. I hope we get to do something kooky and interesting [....] A lot of it depends on what they write for me, but they might write to the decisions I make for the character [....] I think the writers do pay attention to what I do, and the stories they write will show my character developing." With a laugh, she concluded, "I don't think they'll kill me off, but you never say never." (Star Trek: Communicator issue 139, p. 43) The writing staff of Enterprise had, at one point, discussed acknowledging the actress' death during the third season. Noted executive producer Rick Berman, "We had hoped that Kellie would come back as well."
If this entry isn't in error, then I guess I was wrong about Cutler being mentioned as a Xindi mission casualty. She simply drifted off into the ether of the greater ENT storyline and was never mentioned again.

Kellie Waymire died exactly 10 years ago this month.
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