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So if I was to write


how would you translate it?

or it might be

You said literally:
1. "Thing show write"
2. "Thing see write?"

I'd ask for clarification. But if these are questions, I'd suppose you wanted to combine these double-verbs into a different verb, such as "signing" or "illustrating visually." This is only based on the context of our conversation. Out of context, I would surmise you are asking for an example of something. Or I'd say 311 446 433, 312 463. "I be confuse, you repeat."

As for signing, the Chinese have a simple hand gestural system for signing 1-9 on one hand. I'm partial to this method:

In American Sign Language, it's this:

You could also write the Arabic numerals 1234567 almost anywhere around the globe. People recognize them due to a)international airport standards, b)international economic/finance standards and c)tourist trade. In other words, if we go somewhere that does not recognize the arabic numerals 1-7, we might want to spend five minutes to learn their number symbols.

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