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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

^ Agreed.

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I always felt [Dean Cain's] Superman was very uncomfortable. Almost like he felt silly wearing that costume.
Maybe the character did. It was about Clark Kent putting on a suit and playing a part after all. Everything you described about the ideal Superman was still there though.

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Henry Cavill was just another actor attempting to capture the look of Chris Reeve IMO. I thought he did fine though, and some scenes were memorable (like the Oil Rig scene, the movie needed more moments like that).
Superman has a general look that no one has deviated from but Cavill still brought a distinctiveness to the role, I think.

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I was expecting MoS to be the Superman equivalent to Batman Begins (judging by the trailers it seems to be going in that direction). However, the trailers pretty much showed us all the character scenes in the movie.
I'd say it was Superman's version of Batman Begins. It had the same tone and hit all the right beats. We got a naturalistic take on the character, an origin story interspersed with flashbacks and a big showdown at the end that included a machine of doom and destruction. Unfortunately we may not be getting an equivalent to The Dark Knight.
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