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Re: THOR: THE DARK WORLD - Grading & Discussion

It was a good, fun, fast-paced action movie! Almost too fast-paced at times, but the frantic feel really worked in the crazy final act. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman were really good and OF COURSE Tom Hiddleston was great at Loki. The final twist got an APPROVING MURMUR from the audience.

All the characters get good stuff to do. Some less than others, granted (poor Hogun) but every scene moves the plot on and there's no pointless filler. Frigga got a pretty good part (considering she didn't speak in the first move until 90 minutes in) and I liked the scene with her and Loki. Her death scene was good too and she had a really pretty funeral!

I've seen people complain that there's too much humour but I wonder if those people have actually seen a Marvel movie before? Maybe a couple of the jokes could have been cut, but was all good humour and a lot of it was laugh out loud. Kat Dennings was really good as Darcy and I was pleased she was relevant to the plot and had a lot more to do than in the first movie. But the humour highlight was probably Stellan Skarsgard, surprisingly! And his lack of trousers. The Chris Evans cameo was hilarious too.

I liked the design of Asgard. It felt more like a real place this time and less like Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. I like that they have flying boat things.

The final fight travelling through the portals was more fun than just a straight fight would have been and they brought back the ice dog thing from the first movie and I love that ice dog thing. Having Jane and friends involved helped make it different from a standard super hero finale.

I liked that because it was set in England there were recognisable brand names (Vimto!)


I watched a press conference thing a couple of weeks ago where Alan Taylor or Christopher Eccleston said about the villain Malekith "hey has a really compelling backstory...that you'll see on the Blu Ray release!" I thought they were joking but no, most of his backstory scenes seem to have been cut. And the prologue narrated by Odin feels a bit halfassed and too similar to the first movie with Laufrey. It's a shame because Eccleston does a good evil sneer and I would have liked more scenes with him talking to Mister Eko. But as I said it's such a fast paced movie that I guess they thought he only needed the bare minimum of screentime.

They kind of set something up with Sif being jealous of Jane but it never goes anywhere. But I didn't really want to see Sif being all bitchy anyway. Also Jaimie Alexander was badly injured during filming and I think they had to scarp some of her scenes.

I can see why Alan Taylor didn't like the mid-credits scene. It's not bad but the tone is completely different to the rest of the movie. They should have swapped it with the post credits scene.

STILL this was another hugely enjoyable Marvel movie and there's definitely room for a Thor 3.
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