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Re: The Most Heinous Star Trek Villain

I chose Gul Dukat, The Borg Queen, and Soran.

Dukat (even before he became a puppet to the Pah-wraiths and became true evil) was responsible for countless deaths and atrocities in the name of his people.

Soran destroyed a planet for his own selfish personal gain and then left the weapon in the hands of the Duras sisters who would have reeked havoc across the alpha quadrant (they'll attack the Romulans that betrayed them, the Humans that defied them, and even the other Klingons that stood against them).

The Borg may be mindless drones but the Queen who directs them would stop at nothing to assimilate everyone in the galaxy and she wouldn't even hesitate to sacrifice her own drones just to prove a point.
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