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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Belay my last remark, in Praetor's Excelsior scaling thread starting at post # 367 TOS Enterprise related issues came up (and continued) dealing with deck heights in the engineering hull.

This looks like a good opportunity to feature a draft from last December I made trying to fix those deck levels:

My friend Andreas provided a preliminary exterior view, right from the start we decided that the windows should be located as they had been on the actual VFX model and whatever discrepancies would arise from placing the deck levels would somehow needed to be fixed - much to my own surprise the "fixing" was only required on a minimal level.

"Sixteen deck levels"

The Making of Star Trek (TMoST) was very specific and stated that the engineering hull would contain 16 decks. However, the good book left it open from where on to start counting and whether to number individual engineering decks or not.

Although I described this in previous posts here and in other threads, the draft hopefully illustrates the issue: Assuming an overall length of 1,080 feet (in contrast to the 947' figure) and considering the actual footage taking place inside the engineering hull with corridors between 8 and 10' high, will inevitably claim engineering decks inside the connecting dorsal.

I haven't done the simulation but I think it's obvious that if we tried to locate those 16 engineering decks within the actual engineering hull exclusively, we'd arrive at deck level heights that are no longer compatible with the actual footage.

Although it became an abandoned TOS concept, TMoST described saucer separation as a maneuver not limited to ship evacuation scenarios.
This was the major inspiration for me to treat both the engineering hull (including the dorsal) and the saucer hull / main section as distinctive entities with an individual deck numbering for both. I also believe that in a ship evacuation scenario, only the saucer hull would separate, leaving the connecting dorsal (as part of the) engineering hull behind.
And, of course, the Romulan Commander's quarters in "The Enterprise Incident" could be on (Engineering) Deck 2 in the connecting dorsal.

Regarding the window alignment for practical purposes these could either be for "desk-sitters" or for crew personnel walking by (e.g. "promenade deck" featured in the alternate edit of "Where No Man Has Gone Before"). However, Sulu and Dr. Piper may be coming from an elevated dining area in this outer corridor (i.e. the windows that high up are equally useful for crewmembers in transit and for dining area occupants).
As a matter of fact, I'm currently dealing with such a practical situation at the property management I'm working for. We have an entire building floor with windows very high up where our new tennant intends to accomodate office space. What's the solution? All the office spaces are elevated to provide the employees of the company with an outside window view (and once you're mostly sitting in a desk chair you don't pay that much attention to how much overhead space you still got left when standing up).

The enigma of the connecting dorsal's illuminated windows

Unfortunately, TMoST makes no reference whatsoever to the space inside the connecting dorsal. One BBS member (have a good day, too) suggested the vertical lights to be the lights of the (IMHO, erroneous) vertical turbo shaft. I find myself unable to think of a good reason why such lights should be visible on the exterior hull (especially since these correspond to other windows of equal size and proportions)

I firmly believe that these lights correspond to the area where the "main line" vertically connects the engineering hull and the saucer hull (admittedly I've not yet entirely made up my mind whether that line should be the main power line / TMP intermix shaft - "blood vein" - or a main systems line - "nervous system").

As such these room lights would be permanently on for inspection of the main line while simultaneously accomodating the ladders connecting both hulls. In the highly improbable, however not necessarily impossible, case that even the emergency lighting could go off, orbiting a planet could still provide some illumination through these windows from the starlight reflected by the planet. It's a weak rationalization but better than none, IMHO, and I'm most eager to listen to other ideas.


P.S. Bad news! One of the TOS Enterprise devoted websites I frequently visited was Phil Broad's I find myself unable to access this great website any longer. Are his pictures now lost or have these been saved?
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