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Re: NEMESIS: the good, and not so bad.

The evidence presents itself. Oh! And another thing ... if Shinzon bothered to investigate the ENTERPRISE crew - which he apparently did - looking for the crumpet, surely he would've discovered and/or realized that several of the extras onboard were smokin' hotties. But he stops at Troi and decides she's the most beautiful creature in all Creation. Troi's being allowed to look so aweful here, that this doesn't make any sense, to me. Marina's always been an exceptional beauty, that's a fact. But she did age - and when she's not allowed to look haggard and used up in this picture, she's got enough makeup on her to stop a bullet.

I justify and explain this by way of the Viceroy's apparent desire for her, who himself, is no kid. His psychic bond with Shinzon may have influenced him, in this matter. The Viceroy's participation in - and apparent direction of - the psychic sexual assault sequence(s) would tend to support this theorem. Speaking of assaults, even the CGI orgy representing this "epic" space battle looked surprisingly bad. The computer art nature of the effects is a little too apparent, for the most part. I despise how the quantum torpedoes just splat on everything, as indicated by sound. It is not, at all, powerful or destructive sounding ... "FIRE!!!" shouts Shinzon ... and ... splat/splat/splat/splat with the quantum torpedoes and all for 20 minutes!!! Hated it.
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