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Re: Technological Stagnation

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...Technology to make the blind see ...
The company I work for is working on that one.

The technology you're working with seems to be made to stimulate leftover retinal cells.

I've seen two other variations. One which is similar to the one you showed me, except that an entire artificial retina is placed and connected to the optic nerve directly.

The other one is where they hook up electrodes directly to the visual cortex, and a camera/computer combination translates the data from the camera to impulses that stimulate the brain to "see" patterns.

What's your take on these technologies compared to the one you're working with?

I'm wondering if the day will come when they can grow new eyeballs for people and do a successful transplant "Minority Report" style.

I would gladly give up the dream to own a phaser if it meant that a successful technology to give the blind their eyesight back were possible.
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