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Re: NEMESIS: the good, and not so bad.

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As for the deleted scenes, the one thing NEMESIS does NOT need is to be LONGER! And the data scene of him drinking with Picard is so patronizing. I really hate John Logan's script for this movie. I hate that Ron Perlman was utterly wasted in NEMESIS, too. What offends me the most, as a lover of movies and a fan of TNG is how the cast is allowed to look old and just bad, in general. The lighting, the makeup ... they could've taken a page out of TMP in this regard! Gates and Marina, especially, looked so bad ... it was heart-breaking.

I hated the convenience of one major character's duplicate finding another major character's duplicate - completely by chance - without any explaination for it, whatsoever. Just happens to fit into Shinzon's plans because, you know, it's in the script. It's so lazily written this script, not just in this context, but throughout, with homages and borrowed lines and themes from other STAR TREKs ... John Logan actually pats himself on the back for this garbage, as does the cast, who let's him hang out with them, as the token nerd.

The soundtrack even sounds lazily written: TMP cobbled together with standard, Hollywood music. Another thing I hate really bad is Picard's "Best Man" speech, bragging on himself for thirty seconds, before he remembers what he's there for and throws in some half-hearted sentiments to the bride and groom ... just an aweful motion picture on its own and a major dissapointment as a STAR TREK film.

Sadly, I completely agree with this.
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