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Re: Star Wars Episode VII Discussion, News, Interviews (12/18/2015)

Jedi was the weakest and least satisfying of the OT scripts and films by a mile but I'll still give Kasdan credit where credit's due. Episode VI had its share of weaknesses (not the least of which were the defanging of Han Solo as an edgy character and the film feeling more like one long, 130-minute merchandise commercial more than it did an epic space fantasy-adventure film) but I still liked it a lot and I liked it more than most of the Prequel Trilogy.

Storywise Jedi does feel more rushed and the pivotal moment that Luke tells Leia that she's his sister lacks the emotional impact it might otherwise would have had thanks to Carrie Fisher's mediocre acting and the hurried sense of "let's get this brother/sister/Darth Vader's-really-our-dad thing out of the way so we can get more Ewoks throwing spears on the screen," but it's still a good movie and a wonderful childhood memory even if it's the runt of the Original Trilogy.
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