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a couple of questions about Sevencube

1) how do you show different tenses?
2) how do you show real numbers?
Good questions. I tend toward fewer rules than more. Hope for the best.

Some conceptual problems could be solved with a little creativity. For example, there's no code for "green", so you might have to combine blue and yellow: 672-673 and hope for the best. In writing, hyphens are helpful.

One workaround for tense could be adding these modifiers to your verbs:

Past - 412
Future - 413
Now - 52

"She cry" (313 425) becomes "313 412-425" or "313 425-412" - "She cry past" or "She past cry."

In speech, you just try to pair modifiers together as best you can, perhaps with timing or emphasis.

Believe me - tense can be a real problem for everyone, so for the Foundational, I feel super-simple Past Present Future is best. Heck, in Chinese, they only have one homophone for He 他, She 她 or It 它 - "Ta." Very confusing errors there, like Three's Company antics!

Tense can be a problem internationally, as can conditions, gender, SV agreement and modifier position (red rooster or rooster red). I prefer not to establish rules, but let people try to hash these out. This is because international communication is rife with misunderstanding. There's NO avoiding it.

Some words have to be formed using "not". There's a word for "behind," but there's no "ahead." So you'd have to combine "no" + "behind" to communicate the idea. Instead of saying "hospital 3 blocks ahead" you'd have to say "straight" or "you are 3 blocks behind". It's really the user's problem in the Foundational lexicon. Instead of day and night, we've got "day" and "no day" or perhaps "day end." Honestly, feel free to get creative.

Sevenquad, with it's extra exponent, could accommodate more nuances like past, present future, point, period, conditional, adverbs of frequency, etc.

Tense seems like a simple concept but there are so many interlingual differences it can get confusing fast.

It's funny - if you watch (us) expat English as a Second Language teachers, you'll see that we all do the "thumb over the shoulder" for past, and pointing forward for future.


In writing, I would do this:

But in speech, you might add
62 - Number

"You phone me number 555-123-4567."
"312 466 311 62-5551234567."

"I found two good restaurants this week."
311 412-435 62-2 61 267 612 515.
(Literally: "I past-find number-2 good restaurant this week."

I think Sevenquad could really make these things smoother.


Thanks Miss Chicken for these questions.

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