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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Rock Jocks - Netflix Instant
Redemption - Netflix Instant
Olympus has Fallen - Netflix Instant
TNT Jackson(1974) - Netflix Instant
Foxy Brown - Netflix Instant
Empire State - Netflix Instant
Brotherhood of Death - Netflix Instant
Charley Varrick - Netflix Instant
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels - Netflix Instant
The Hunchback of Notre Dame II - Netflix Instant
Mulan II - Netflix Instant

Awhile back, I saw the trailer for CV at a Drafthouse movie...can't remember which, probably a Weird Wednesday show, or something. Anyway, saw that the old Walter Matthau movie was on Netflix the other day, so I decided to watch it. Pretty cool to see a very young Andrew Robinson in a supportin' role. And the movie itself wasn't too bad, for a '70s bank heist story.

Followed that with LS&TSB. The Drafthouse was runnin' it as part of their "Pub Life" series in August, but I left Austin before it showed, so I missed out. I liked it. Pretty cool to see Jason Statham's first movie, and the endin' was fun, too.

And yesterday afternoon, I watched two direct to Disney DVD sequels. I watched THoND & Mulan before leavin' Austin durin' a Disney movie marathon I had on my roommates' Netflix. The younger nephew caught me watchin' MII and asked me why I was watchin' it. I told him, "because I can." Told my sister the same thing when she asked me why I watched it when she came home from work.

Been alternatin' between Leverage, Futurama & Breaking Bad between movies, or else the list would be longer for this update.

And I'm hopin' to get to the Thor sequel this weekend, since I watched the first earlier today, and have a plan to watch The Avengers tomorrow. Gotta gear up for the God of Thunder!
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