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but I did find it kind of funny that less than a year after the accident Sarah was already a psycho assassin.
There was zero evidence of this.

She certainly turned evil fairly quickly.
Also, no evidence of this either.

So (once again) you jump to conclusions based on nothing but your silly assumptions.
Yes, these all seem to be poor assumptions. In fact, I think the episode made it pretty clear that she joined the LoA after Oliver thought she had died for the second time. The things we were actually shown indicate that the people on the boat in the flashbacks are not the LoA. Oliver didn't seem to have any idea what the LoA was. He certainly would have recognized Merlin's outfit, or wouldn't have been confused about why other people were dressed like him. The guy who came after Sarah seemed to be pretty high up in the organization and him and Oliver didn't appear to be familiar with each other at all. It also seems fairly evident that Sarah's apparent complicity with the people on the boat at the end of the episode was a fake out, or at least a partial misdirection on the part of the show. Oliver was fairly surprised that she was an assassin, and the questions/comments she made about Slade and Shadow indicated some sort of positive relationship.
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