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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

Belz... wrote: View Post
Which is exactly what a reboot is. The old series was clearly no longer working.
Doctor Who was brought back in 2005 with fresh ideas, a frees perspective and brand new stories. It was also brought back without rebooting a damn thing. The Doctor in the 2005 series was very much the same character as the one from earlier series, and there have been numerous links since. Doctor Who is currently (arguably) one of the most successful shows in the s-f genre.

A reboot is one way of doing things anew, but don't say it's the only way when that's patently false.

BillJ wrote: View Post
You do realize that ratings started sliding during Deep Space Nine's run? General audiences pretty much started rejecting the Berman led spin-offs.
Um, again, that has precisely what to do with the prime universe?

The thing you're quoting is me saying that the Prime universe in and of itself did not lead to the audience drop off, did not lead to an audience rejection, did not lead to cancellation. What you've said, BillJ, basically confirms my point that it was in a
fact a tired old production team running out of steam that killed the franchise at that point, a problem that could have been fixed with a bit of a break to properly develop a new series and a new production team.

Right now, if they made a Prime universe spin off, it would entirely depend on it's writing and acting whether it was successful, not whether it was set in the Prime universe. Which one could argue makes the Prime universe unnecessary to revisit - and of course, they'd be right - but it doesn't make the Prime universe in any way a bad idea to revisit, which was my point.
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