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Re: Star Wars Episode VII Discussion, News, Interviews (12/18/2015)

Thank you! You seem like a genuinely interesting person!

Yeah, I agree the emperor, Luke, & Vader scenes have a lot of pathos (even if the throne room set isn't nearly as interesting as the location of the duels in Empire) and the space battle was fantastic.

I think a better screenplay would not have needed Ewoks, but, since they are there, they are used in interesting ways, making the ground battle one that was really fun to watch.

But again, the screenplay simply painted by the numbers (the sole exception was the fact that I believe that Luke crossed over to the Dark Side for a brief amount of time in the film in order to beat Vader - and Vader was actually scared for the first time; that was risky) but everything else seemed written, and nothing breathed, nothing made me feel like I was learning more about the universe, where as Empire, and in particular, it's third act, was all about making the universe feel both bigger and yet more finely detailed. Even the first film with talk about harvesting seasons and moisture vaporators all added to the canvas that this is a real, working universe. Jedi only played lip-service to these notions, and the pacing wasn't too good.

If anything, it was the heroes (Han, Leia, Luke, Lando, and Chewie) that we know who should have stolen the Imperial Shuttle and got word that the Emperor was going to be on the Death Star, not some rebel people we never meet. That would have made it interesting. And maybe send them to Endor on the shuttle without getting any support initially from the rest of the alliance. See, already, the screenplay would have been more interesting.

They needed to light a fire under that screenplay.
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