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Re: "The Star Wars" Comic Official Discussion Thread

Issue 3 is available.

This issue felt like it had more elements from TPM with a few moments of ANH in the mix.

I found it a bit strange that R2-D2 or rather Artwo Detwo as he is called here had so much dialogue, actually that he had any dialogue at all beyond his usual blips and beeps was strange. Most of what Artwo was saying to See Threepio was recycled lines from movie C-3PO that I couldn't help but imagine Anthony Daniels staring in a mirror having a catty conversation with himself. I did chuckle at See Threepio's super strength.

I have to wonder whats up with Vader he seemed to be a bit distant in those few panels by himself. I almost got the impression that he isn't really into the war with Aquilae or he's planning something on his own. As soon as Prince Valorum interrupted his alone time it was back to Vader being the loyal Henchman.
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