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Re: Star Wars Episode VII Discussion, News, Interviews (12/18/2015)

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I actually think the Jedi screenplay wasn't that great. It was trying too hard to wrap things up. Everything the characters said was plot-related, whereas the other two films the characters spoke about the little details of the world they lived in as if they actually lived there. I guess I'm having trouble explaining my point, but Jedi's screenplay was simply efficient but way to rigidly structured. A little pat.

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nah man, you explained it PERFECTLY. I enjoy jedi for what it is, and the stuff with luke, emperor, vader is fantastic. but you are right, it was lacking. and it doesn't all fall on the ewoks, although they deserve some of the blame(moreso lucas but you catch my drift). the thing is, I think a lot of people are thinking in their clearly deranged heads that if this movie doesn't get near empire strikes back its a bust and abrams is a hack. but that's simply not the case. we just need a GOOD star wars film, but hopefully a REALLY good or great one. at least after what we have had to live with over the past decade and a half. by the way I love all of you and if I could invite every one of you trekker bastards to my wedding(if im lucky enough to have one) I would. cheers to nerdiness. we live in such wonderful times! I guess im optimistic and in a good mood today?
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