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Re: stargate sg1 season 6-10 worth watching?

Other than some O'Neill-lite episodes, Season 6 is pretty much indistinguishable in quality from Seasons 1-5.

Seasons 7 & 8 aren't as fresh or as original as the show was in its prime but there's still a lot of great episodes there. There's also a lot of filler and a few episodes that are just plain unwatchable. *cough*"Avenger 2.0."*cough* You might want to pick & choose which episodes you watch during this era.

Seasons 9 & 10 are very much a different show but still a really good show. I love Vala!

Honestly, even if the show lost half a step in its later seasons, the entire show was executed with a great deal of competence. It's not like the show suddenly took a total nosedive at the end for no reason (i.e. Earth: Final Conflict, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the original Star Trek). If you made it through all of Season 1, surely you can make it through the rest of it.
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