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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

I've been going through a bunch of Pertwees lately, starting with "Spearhead from Space" and going stright through the entirety of Season 7 and most of Season 8. (I don't own "Colony in Space," so I had to skip that one.) The last one I finished was "The Daemons, Part 2."

I find it difficult comparing Jon Pertwee to the other Doctors. I don't think he's quite eccentric or alien enough to ever be my #1 favorite (like Patrick Troughton or Matt Smith). But I think Pertwee had more raw charm & charisma than nearly any other human being who has ever lived. And then his era of the show kept piling on the charm with Roger Delgado as the Master. And then you had Nicholas Courney as the Brigadier, who was a master of finding the perfect deadpan touch to every single line he was given. (I'm very much looking forward to eventually getting around to "The Three Doctors" again. The Brigadier was pretty much at the end of his tether when he started the story. But then when the whole of UNIT HQ is dragged into the anti-matter universe, the Brigadier's dumbfounded exasperation is absolutely priceless. "There's sand everywhere!")
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