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Re: Interesting TMP poster

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I came across this poster design for TMP today, that I never saw before. It prominently features what looks very much like the "Phase II" Enterprise, but with a LOT of windows added.
Now that you mentioned it, I noticed another painting of the Enterprise (Starlog Photo Guidebook Special Effects Vol. 2, page 94) in the same style (lots of windows, "classic" ventral sensor dome) but within a spacedock that's very close to the final version:

This spacedock version was also featured on page 98 of aforementioned book as an early (?) backdrop painting for the Rec Deck crew assembly scene in TMP, but the starboard nacelle is definitely and already Probert style):

Quite obviously a draft for the background behind the Rec Deck windows, the final result differed again, featuring different spacedock illuminating panels.

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