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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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^ I watched all the Christopher Reeve movies over the weekend and something about his take on the character doesn't sit well with me. Too handsome, too much of a boy scout and too much of an ideal in general. My favorites right now are Dean Cain and Henry Cavill. Their versions of Superman are more humanized and real.
I don't know. I think for the movies, Reeve's Superman works perfectly. He's basically a god on earth, and his portrayal is exactly what I would hope a god would be like.

I think that's one of the reasons why the character is so endearing to everyone. He is basically the personification of an awesome deity, a deity who cares deeply about every human being and uses his powers to help as much as he can.

I thought Dean Cain was excellent as Clark Kent. I loved the whole take on it that Clark was the true person and "Superman" was the identity taken. I think they hit the jackpot with chemistry between the quirky but loveable Lois and the stoic but down to earth good guy Clark.

I always felt his Superman was very uncomfortable. Almost like he felt silly wearing that costume. I hated that arm crossing thing he used to do also.

Henry Cavill was just another actor attempting to capture the look of Chris Reeve IMO. I thought he did fine though, and some scenes were memorable (like the Oil Rig scene, the movie needed more moments like that).

Once the action kicked in, you no longer saw him, but rather just blurs on-screen for the next 30 mins.

I was expecting MoS to be the Superman equivalent to Batman Begins (judging by the trailers it seems to be going in that direction). However, the trailers pretty much showed us all the character scenes in the movie.

Not sure why directors think that adding mind numbing CGI for 30+ is making a movie "better" nowadays.

I hated Watchmen, so I guess I'm not surprised, but I had hopes.
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