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Re: Arrow - Season 2

That was a decent episode. I almost completely tuned out the past bits (and will continue to do so until they're either back on the island or atleast off that stupid boat) but I did find it kind of funny that less than a year after the accident Sarah was already a psycho assassin. I'm assuming it was less than a year, none of the island sections seem to have taken more than a maybe a few months for all of season one, although the present day stuff probably covers more time. She certainly turned evil fairly quickly. I did tune out who the old guy was who she was talking to on the boat and who I assumed was the guy who "recruited" her, but while I'm mildly curious I don't really care about what she was doing before she entered the present day section of the show. I'm glad she ended up telling her Dad her identity. I'm also glad that I didn't see Sin anywhere.

Next weeks episode looks kind of boring, but hopefully Diggle/Deadshot will save it from being as generic as it seems. I am still enjoying the show, but I'd say there have been some flaws that season one didn't have, and most of them involve the stupid turn the past stuff has taken. Hopefully in the past sections he'll be back on the island quickly, and in the present things will pick up now that it looks like BC is going away for a bit. I don't dislike her storyline, but BC is really kind of taking up too much of Arrow's time, and I'd like to see some stuff not related to her.
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