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Re: Could Fury have worked with a rewrite?

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Awful episode. Just watched it today. Awful on so many levels. The fact that Kes now needed a ship (somehow I thought she evolved beyond corporeal form), the fact that she caught up with Voyager and nobody thought to ask her how she was able to and to perhaps share her secret if it had something to do with the ship she acquired (after she oddly "remembered" that Janeway wasn't an evil of course), the fact that the newly nice old Kes didn't offer another "gift" by sending the Voyager another 5 years closer to home once again since she was able to do that before -- or better yet, you would think she could send them even closer at this point in her evolution, plus I just hated that they wrote evolved older Kes as wanting to infect the Voyager crew with the phage no matter what she misremembered about her experience with them. And the whole reaction to Neelix's dinner and the scene on the transporter at the end was just...odd.

It's always neat to revisit the earlier years in later episodes, but this episode was just bad. I almost hate it as much as the finale of Enterprise. I can't believe Jennifer Lien agreed to do it.
Neither can I. In fact, she did loose a couple of points in my book by agreeing to participate in this horrible episode.

as for character destruction, it was the worst I've ever seen. The real Kes would never, ever dream of do any harm to her crewmates.

Honestly, "Fury" still makes me furious after all these years.

The only thing the script for this episode would be useful for is as a toilet paper.
Who'd let that cat in here?

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