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Re: Angst-Ridden Dating Rant #17

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Kommander, if you're not gonna follow anyone's advice, what's the point of this?
"It's advice, not binding arbitration." -Dan Savage

I thought some people might have some insightful things to say, and some people did. I acknowledged it whet it happened. What, asking other people for opinions means I have to give up free will and my sense of judgement? That doesn't make any fucking sense whatsoever.

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And Scout101 is right re: the fedora and the facial hair. You look fairly ridiculous. Now, I'm sure that makes me a judgmental asshole or whatever in your mind, but look at it for what it is....unless you find a girl who dresses "trad" herself or appreciates your quirks, or get a group of friends that have similar quirks, you're going to be viewed as a little "off."
Jesus Tittyfucking Christ again with the shallow fucking bullshit! There are plenty of things to give me shit about in this thread without resorting to this kind of stupid bullshit.

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And you're doing yourself no favors by being antagonistic to everything. Jumping to conclusions via Facebook photos and people you haven't met. At this point, talk to the girl. Ask her out. But unless you change the way you behave or think about other people, the side of you that you've shown in this thread will come out and I guarantee you she won't like you.
Asked and answered.

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Your ego is huge. You need to work on that.
Really? I thought I was standing up for myself. Huh. You're right, I shall humble myself by posting hostile, unsubstantiated replies in advice threads and get all irate when the OP doesn't follow my advice 100% to the letter. I'll also be sure to place heavy emphasis on criticizing their appearance and wardrobe because that's really fucking important.
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