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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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It's a shame Hell's Kitchen isn't as shitty as it once was (OK, for the people living there, it probably isn't), but the Marvel Universe is slightly different from ours, so that's ok.
I had the thought that the Battle of New York probably damaged the city's economy, so the MCU's Clinton/Hell's Kitchen could've backslid somewhat from its real-world gentrification. That would justify it being more like the comics' version.
Except... (and forgive me if I can't remember the comic) someone did an issue a couple of years ago where Foggy or maybe Ben Franklin points out that Hell's Kitchen is a great place to live because of Matt and it is shown to resemble the real world version - beyond that, Matt tends to inhabit a generic New York these days rather than anything but name-checking Hell's Kitchen'.
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