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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

I still don't see how this poll is even relevant, the vast majority of the board have not voted on it. It isn't fully indicative if this site nevermind a broader community.

Which all takes a back seat to the repeated fact that Prime Trek did not simply end a serialised run, but was cancelled due to non-viability of the product, a failure.

It needed rebooted because no one could justify returning to it yet again, and by the time any new series is made, there will be no point bringing back the emmense baggage of continuity of the previous series.

Then comes the "well, it needn't pay attention to any of it", in which case, why bother going back then? that's still a reboot of some sort.

It's not coming back, and it shouldn't. Let it go.
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