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Three-year contract with team options for 2017 and '18. Fairly standard terms for a first-time manager. He's a solid choice, although I'm amused by the idea that the Cubs think that Renteria can magically teach Starlin Castro to play defense or Anthony Rizzo to hit lefties.

Speaking of Castro, there's a rumor the Cardinals are interested in trading for him. I swear to God, Hoyer, if they offer you a box of baseballs and Chris Carpenter's corpse, you take that deal and get that fucking terrible contract out of Chicago.
I dunno. Both those contracts boggled me. You have team control over them for six years... why throw long term money at them until you have a pattern to see what they consistently do over that time? I'm hoping they know something we don't, but... I sure didn't see anything worth those contracts last season.
Going back to what I said about those deals when they were signed...

Cubs are about to extend Castro for seven years, $60 million, with a team option for the eighth year.

What the fuck is wrong with you, Theo? Any time you can lock up a player for huge money who has no plate discipline and is contending for the Starlin Castro Triple Crown (outs made, times caught stealing, errors), that's really something you don't want to do.


It's not unheard-of for teams to buy out a player's arbitration years to get some guarantee of cost control.

It's just that they tend to do it with players who, you know, don't suck.

I mean, maybe the Cubs' endgame is that they think they can sucker some moron like Dan Duquette or Ben Cherington into trading for Castro because they'll think he's worth more because his arb years are bought out, but ... good Lord, this is a moronic contract extension if it goes through, because he's going to be untradeable junk during the last three years of the deal, after his exposure as a two-tool player is complete.
Cubs lock up Anthony Rizzo to a potentially nine-year contract, in a deal that makes no sense whatsoever for the team.
I will never understand those contracts, considering Castro had huge, glaring warning signs that he was going to regress horribly, and his best-case scenario provides little to no value outside of hitting for an empty average. Unless he learns how to run the bases, play defense, and consistently hit .310 in the offseason, that contract's just this side of a giant money sinkhole, especially considering that the Cubs aren't exactly hurting for middle infield prospects in their system.

If the Cards are interested in Castro, I'd say go for it too. Aren't we supposed to have a hot shortstop that's close to being ready for the bigs anyways? Though our luck, he'd magically turn around and crush us everytime he plays us. Though Zombie Carpenter could be a great marketing ploy. Everyone loves zombies.
Javier Baez is the hot prospect in AA right now, but he's 20 and needs more time to develop. Like Castro, he strikes out a ton, and while he's got decent pop, he's still allergic to walks.
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