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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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The new Cubs manager is looking to be Rick Renteria.


No major league managing experience, but he does have some minor league experience as a manager.
Plus he's bi-lingual, so he can ream Starlin Castro out in two languages.
Hmm, looks like they went out of their way to get a guy with experience developing players. I wonder how many years this deal's going to be.
Three-year contract with team options for 2017 and '18. Fairly standard terms for a first-time manager. He's a solid choice, although I'm amused by the idea that the Cubs think that Renteria can magically teach Starlin Castro to play defense or Anthony Rizzo to hit lefties.

Speaking of Castro, there's a rumor the Cardinals are interested in trading for him. I swear to God, Hoyer, if they offer you a box of baseballs and Chris Carpenter's corpse, you take that deal and get that fucking terrible contract out of Chicago.
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