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Re: Angst-Ridden Dating Rant #17

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Whatever, dude. You've established the same pattern in basically every thread, sorry you don't see that. And don't pretend I did something magical you upset you, you've come out swinging, again, in the many threads on very similar issues.

If you can't see any of these issues after multiple people pointing them out, in multiple threads, it's your own problem. Then again, since you enjoy the drama, I'm not sure if you're really complaining, or just sharing to feed your ego...

Not interested in attacking your army of strawmen, other than to say it's an amazing link to now see that I'm bashing gender-identity now
Yeah, don't actually address anything I said and just repeat yourself. Now who's seeking out others that they can feel superior to?

Interspersed between my valid points such as establishing credibility and your misunderstanding of the word "everyone" were ad hominims. Also, pointing out logical fallacies is not a cheat code for refuting arguments. They aren't invalid arguments, they're weak, easy to refute arguments. Actually refuting them only takes slightly more effort than pointing them out. I only pointed out the appeal to popularity because I already refuted it once.

Here's something else about being a victim of abuse: They tend to be mistrustful of those who make positive comments and equate negativity with honesty. They justify the abuse they endure as honesty and what they deserve and see positivity as hyperbolic. Many, when they try to break free of the abuse, simply flip the perception; only acknowledge positive reinforcement and dismiss anything negative. Sometimes abusers point this out, the target realizes they're right, and falls right back in, or just dismisses it and becomes a cunt. To actually recover from abuse, one has to learn to evaluate criticism and learn the difference between valid criticism and bullshit, and the difference between persuasion and manipulation. I agreed with some of the points made by others in this thread, even some of the hostile ones. Your posts had no substance other than being hostile toward me, so this tells me I'd be wise to not take any of it into consideration. Sure, you could be right in that many people disagreeing with me is a good indicator that I'm wrong, but it could also be that these threads are full of insecure people that see attacking me as a chance to act superior. Considering that you seem to think addressing the valid points I made is beneath you, and in one of the other threads my primary critic was a fucking pick-up artist, and that so many people criticized my fucking appearance at length, and there were few if any attempts to establish credibility, I'm leaning toward insecure lashing out. Seriously, the bullshit about my taste in hats was just fucking stupid.

Also, I didn't equate what you said with bashing gender identity, I challenged you to do it, and you didn't take the bait. Now who's being manipulative? Oh wait, I am. Shit.

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