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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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It's a shame Hell's Kitchen isn't as shitty as it once was (OK, for the people living there, it probably isn't), but the Marvel Universe is slightly different from ours, so that's ok.
I had the thought that the Battle of New York probably damaged the city's economy, so the MCU's Clinton/Hell's Kitchen could've backslid somewhat from its real-world gentrification. That would justify it being more like the comics' version.

ETA: I know next to nothing about the Defenders. A quick wikipedia search says at least Iron Fist and Luke Cage are involved (and Jessica Jones has connections to Luke Cage), so that could work out. Daredevil doesn't seem to have real connections, but I'd have no problem with him joining with them to make this work out.
Wikipedia's List of Defenders members does include Ol' Hornhead as a recurring/associate member.
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