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Re: Angst-Ridden Dating Rant #17

Whatever, dude. You've established the same pattern in basically every thread, sorry you don't see that. And don't pretend I did something magical you upset you, you've come out swinging, again, in the many threads on very similar issues. For all the credit you want for being self-aware, you either can't see or refuse to awknowledge some pretty obvious points. If you know what your deal is, and you totally get what's going on with these girls, how come you keep ending up here telling us you misread things or acted innapropriately?

If you can't see any of these issues after multiple people pointing them out, in multiple threads, it's your own problem. Then again, since you enjoy the drama, I'm not sure if you're really complaining, or just sharing to feed your ego...

Not interested in attacking your army of strawmen, other than to say it's an amazing link to now see that I'm bashing gender-identity now
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