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Re: Could Fury have worked with a rewrite?

No, she wanted the crew to be harvested, cut into little pieces, and grafted onto Vidiians piecemeal.

I suppose all the pieces of the people we knew would then start to get the phage, but I doubt that that's what you meant.

Hey Kes is a ####.

Fury was a year after Think tank, and she said that she went back to live on Ocampa, which would have kept her abreast of local politics.

Either the Thinktank saved the Vidiians, or the Thinktank ruined the Vidiians.

In either case Kes didn't hasten their "destiny" which would have been a friendly thing to do and make them her bitch if they were saved, or save a lot of innocent people from harvesting if they were doomed.
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