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Re: My thoughts on DS9

i might as well chip in since I'm viewing the show for the second time ever (first time was maybe 12 years ago? I hated it back them, liking it now though)

Ben Sisko - I have read people's views on his 'over-acting', but I liked him and the style that he used. He was authoritive, demanded respect, but also had a fun side. I hated Cassidy Yates though, and thought that was a complete waste of time.
To me, Avery Brooks has a very rash style of acting, where you think he is constantly angry about something, even when he's smiling. If you guys have seen Lost, he reminds me of that guy Eko, admittedly Sisko wasn't as bad.

From my first viewing of Cassidy, it seems to be she was very boring, and I wasn't sure what Sisko saw in her, but I don't remember much and will wait to see her again to comment.

Kira - I hated pretty much every story with her and the Bajorans. I liked it best how Dukat summed them up, but cannot remember the exact phrase. I repeatedly wanted her to die whenever she was in a dangerous situation.
I hated her the first time around. This time i'm kind of more neutral to her. I hate the way she is written (angry butch female with chip on her shoulder), and Nana Visitor gives the character absolutely no layers of subtlety that I can remember.

She has mellowed out form Season 1 though.

Bashir - started out unlikable and arrogant, however in the later seasons he became more likable and I enjoyed his role in the 2nd half of the show.
I'm not sure why Bashir is my favorite character (Quark is running for that spot now though) because there's things I dislike about him. I'm annoyed at how he sees himself as a ladies man. I sometimes want to tell him "dude, there's a thing called a gym, and there's weights there. Go lift some and put some muscle on that skeletal frame for fuck's sakes!"

I think one of the reasons I like him though is because for all his faults, he comes across as a really caring guy. I think for most doctors caring about people is a given, so I'm not surprised. So I guess I like him because he's the most likeable human guy.

Jadzia Dax - I really liked her. She had a great personality, a good connection with Sisko, and was full of surprises (fighting with Klingons, gambling with Ferengi!)
I hate hate hate her character!! I couldn't put my finger as to why until now. I want to say she is written as a Mary Sue, although I'm not sure the term applies in this case. However, to expand on that, she is supposed to come across as a person who's had 8 lifetimes of experience under her belt. Guinan from TNG played up this same concept much better than Terry Farwell ever could. The actress just doesn't have the chops to do the character in a nuanced way, so she comes across simply as being smug, like she's arrogant that she's so smart.

I still feel pairing her with Worf was the writers catering to the fantasy that an ugly guy can end up with a hot woman (is that a TV Trope?).

DS9 was particularly a culprit for showing that human looking females were the hottest in the Galaxy (Human and Bajoran women in particular were usually hot females, sought after by ugly males, like Ferengi)

Esri Dax - When Jadzia died I would not have had another Dax. I saw no point introducing a new character for the last series and especially then having episodes dedicated to her. I was not impressed with Esri Dax.
What did people used to call her? A cream filled goodness (something along those lines). I didn't like the character. At the time I didn't know why. Now I do. I hate short hair in women, particularly if they have rounder faces!

Worf - I loved Worf (as much as a human male can platonically love a Klingon warrior). The Dominion war gave us a great chance to see Worf's troubled prerogatives. I thought he added great value to the whole show when he joined. Some of his one liners and facial expressions made me crack up and I think he really grew from his character on TNG. Anyone notice he stopped drinking prune juice and moved on to blood wine?
Worf was always a weird character to me, and not really one of my favourites.

Jake Sisko - fairly inoffensive, and quite dull. One great episode (when he was an old man).
I don't think he was meant as much else. If you don't expect much, his appearances don't bother you much.

Miles O'Brien - a legend. Colm Meaney is a great actor and really gave O'Brien a fantastic depth. Also loved the episode (where Molly was missing in time) when he loudly exclaimed 'Oh B***ocks!' I really disliked Keiko though, even though visually it was clear O'Brien was really punching above his weight....
Colm Meaney (sp?) was pretty fit at the beginning of TNG. He got pudgy as the series went along. Keiko is pretty but she's not a knock out, and I think she's a good match for O'brien.

Quark - loved Quark and all the Ferengi storylines and characters, including the Grand Negus and Brunt. I liked how his and Odo's relationship grew throughout. He also developed more morality as the show grew, but still retained the naughtiness of the early seasons.
I never hated Quark, but this second viewing I'm starting to like him more and more. Very entertaining character.

I had a superficial reason for hating Quark and Rom originally. I hated those names given to Ferengi. To me, a quark is a subatomic particle, and ROM is read only memory, a computer term.

In my older age I find I can ignore that superficiality and enjoy the characters for what they are.

Odo - I really disliked him at first but he really grew on me. The one episode where he did not disable the security system and Rom was captured threw me a little. I thought this was well out of character for him (even if he had been linking at the time). I disliked his relationship with Kira, but I liked his relationship with Quark.
I wanted to like Odo a lot. The way he was written though, his shape shifting was mostly a gimmick. He was as weak and powerless as a solid. First time viewing I got the impression that he was siding with his people, but a last minute infatuation with Kira had him side with the Alpha Quadrant and tip the scales in the Federation's favour.

So it seems that the Federation won strictly because Odo wanted to bone Kira. Maybe I'll be proven wrong in my second viewing.

Dukat - I really liked Dukat, he was interesting and it gave the story a good link back to when the Cardassians ran Terok Nor. He also had some great descriptions of the Bajorans (until near the end when he went quite mad).
I hated al Cardassians (with minor exceptions). But that was the point wasn't it?

Garek - wonderful character. I found his one-liners fantastic. He really developed throughout the programme too. One of my favourite characters alongside O'Brien.
So far he's been nothing more than an annoying troll who deserves to get a serious beating. Maybe I'll change my mind?

Nog - I liked the way he developed into a Star Fleet officer. I didn't like the incessant whinging of the earlier episodes.
He's as forgettable as Jake is IMO.

Rom - a little mouse with a big heart. Sometimes he showed enormous bravery. He was also massively punching above his weight with Leeta.
Again, this is that bone from the writers showing us "pimply faced overweight nerds" that we too, could have a hot woman like Leeta. If Rom can do it, surely we could?

Weyoun - For a bad guy, I liked him! He had some good put-downs to Dukat and Damar, and was so wonderfully grovelling to the founders. Great actor too.
I hated the character, but the actor is excellent! He takes a character I hate and makes him watchable. I did enjoy him far more as Shran on Enterprise.

Martok - he was great. A man of honour and bravery. Very fond of the blood wine.
I think he was a perfect example of what Klingon honour should be about. Most of the time "honour" was written to be about a bunch of Klingons acting like barbarians for the lulz.
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