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Re: Arrow - Season 2

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I kept wondering if all of the references to Oliver thinking Sarah died was a possible set up for the Lazarus Pits. Last season the thought wouldn't have crossed my mind, but we know now that they will be bringing in more fantastical elements, so it's seems to me it's not totally out of the realm of possibility now.

Has Oliver ever dealt with the LoA in the comics?
After Digg says "it's your funeral Sarah," and she replied, "it wouldn't be the first," - I thought that was another little reference to the Lazarus Pit as well.

Gryffindorian said: That was a kick ass episode. Poor Detective Lance has to keep the secret about Sarah from Laurel in order to protect her. But is it really necessary? If Sarah already revealed herself to Lance, why stop there? The family would be no more vulnerable to the League of Assassins even if they knew about Sarah's former association with them.
I think Sarah was more worried that if Lance told Laurel and her Mum that she was still alive they would be tempted to go and look for her, and that would lead them into trouble.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other secret Moira is keeping!
The assassin who came looking for Sarah already threatened to hurt her family even before Det. Lance found out Sarah was alive. And although Sarah said towards the end, "Tell Ra's my family is off limits," it doesn't mean the LoA is going to listen to her.
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