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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
And they just had to put everything into the same orbit, because otherwise - in reality - they would have just died, plain and simple.
No, in reality the exploding satellite would have been on a different orbit altogether, and they'd have all been just fine.

Ovation wrote: View Post
No one seems to have complained that we got lengthy views of Bullock in her skivvies that, in some ways (given some missing gear that some astronauts have gone on about), are as gratuitous as the Alice Eve skivvies.
Disagree. Eve's nacelles aside, the whole point of that moment in dramatic terms is a bit of male wish-fulfillment levity: "ha-ha, Kirk snuck a peak 'cause he just can't help himself, and Marcus, being an understanding and sympathetic character, is only briefly and oh-so-mildly annoyed."

One can of course still argue that Bullock is gratuitously under-dressed in Gravity, but one can also read it as a humanist celebration of the human form: the movie is about her psychological and evolutionary rebirth (the emergence from water, sputtering for air, and learning to walk re-enacting the evolutionary development of land animals as a whole), so minimizing the copious undergarments an actual astronaut would be wearing during a spacewalk, thus allowing us to focus on her human form, serves a thematic purpose as well as an aesthetically pleasing one - something that can't be said of the Eve's torpedoes moment. And there's certainly no male characters around to ogle her.
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