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Re: Indistinguishable from Magic/Plagues of Night problems?

^Understood. It's much more of a Geordi/Scotty novel than a TNG one. Picard's in it a little, but otherwise it's mostly the Challenger crew.
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You shouldn't have skipped IFM, it's a good read. It's continuity errors are no worse than those between other novels still supposedly in-continuity - just try and reconcile the Q-Space trilogy with The Eternal Tide, for example.
I wasn't aware that the Q-Space trilogy was counted as part of the current novelverse. I thought that subsequent Q books had gone in distinct directions from it.
I might be thinking of Q&A, which is definitely part of the post-Nemesis continuity (although I'm sure Q-Space has been referenced once or twice). There's a podcast with Kirsten Beyer where she admits she deliberately ignored all the prior Q novels while writing TET.
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