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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

Loved the episode, I felt Ricks decision to exile Carol happened early in the episode as he seemed to be packing extra gear before they left the prison. One of the many things that I enjoy about the walking dead is situations like this; I can understand both Rick and Carols choices, and in some ways I think they were both right for what they did.

With regards to Daryl I think it's important to remember he has already said whoever did the killing deserves to be shot, of course I can see him reconsidering when he finds out it was Carol and even a bit relieved when Rick says he exiled her not killed her. I could see it playing out something like this
please forgive my absolute horrible dialog, this is just for example.
Rick : I found David and Karens killer
Tyrese :WHO!
Daryl : Lets get them out here and deal with it
Rick : It was Carol, I've already dealt with it
Daryl : Is she dead?
Rick : I exiled her
Tyrese : Where , she needs to die
Rick : I'm not telling you where; you want to kill her, then grab you hammer and go find her, but if you walk out those gates don't you dare think about coming back. Make a choice. Now.

Obviously Tyrese chooses to stay and we get a warm scene later between him and Michonne where she discusses her futile hunt for the Governor and he begins to get over his desire to hunt Carol.

With regards to the opening scene

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