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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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How the hell did Ana's calf end up so far from her body? It looked like she was carrying her fruit basket, dropped it when she was chased, and they caught her. But her leg was so far away! She couldn't have gotten far without it. Did the walkers throw it? Did they drag her away? Neither is plausible, as walkers aren't picky about what they eat and wouldn't throw anything anyway. Why would they drag her after catching her? They wouldn't. did her leg end up so far from the rest of her?
hahaha, EXACTLY! When I first saw that I couldn't get over it. How exactly was her leg severed and then a hundred and fifty feet from the rest of her body? And are these zombies eating the bones too? It makes me laugh at some of the plot holes used for dramatic effect in this show (obviously the leg was there with the tatoo to help show the viewer the victim was the woman).

Plus, Rick and Carol (the two healthy ones) stayed together for security but the two cripples . . . "you just separate and run away if you find any Walkers . . . you know, since you can't really defend yourselves and all. Crippled people running, that's an effective strategy right?" It reminds me of the backpacker Rick and crew left behind last season and then grabbed his backpack after he was torn to shreds. A lot of random strangers just end up the "red shirt landing party member" on this show. Zombiefodder.
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