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I could be mistaken, but ENT at the end of the Delphic Expanse mission listed Cutler as one of the 27 Enterprise crewmembers who were killed during the hunt for the Xindi weapon. If so, they managed to write her character out of the show as a casualty on a heroic mission to save Earth so at least her character didn't just disappear without ever being mentioned again.

I don't know, I'm assuming you're a big ENT fan because of the T'Pol you recall if Cutler was mentioned as one of the Delphic Expanse casualties?
She is, which is one of the several errors in the new "Choice of Futures" novel (among other offensive and unpleasant things). They have Cutler not only alive but serving on Endeavour with T'pol, forgetting she was dead and Trip had spent time mourning her.
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