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My thoughts on DS9

Hi everyone, this is my first post on here. Apologies for the length but I wanted to make some observations. I had previously watched DS9 around 10 years ago, and thought it was time to watch it again! I wanted to post on here my thoughts of the series and the characters.

Let's start with the characters:

Ben Sisko - I have read people's views on his 'over-acting', but I liked him and the style that he used. He was authoritive, demanded respect, but also had a fun side. I hated Cassidy Yates though, and thought that was a complete waste of time.

Kira - I hated pretty much every story with her and the Bajorans. I liked it best how Dukat summed them up, but cannot remember the exact phrase. I repeatedly wanted her to die whenever she was in a dangerous situation.

Bashir - started out unlikable and arrogant, however in the later seasons he became more likable and I enjoyed his role in the 2nd half of the show.

Jadzia Dax - I really liked her. She had a great personality, a good connection with Sisko, and was full of surprises (fighting with Klingons, gambling with Ferengi!)

Esri Dax - When Jadzia died I would not have had another Dax. I saw no point introducing a new character for the last series and especially then having episodes dedicated to her. I was not impressed with Esri Dax.

Worf - I loved Worf (as much as a human male can platonically love a Klingon warrior). The Dominion war gave us a great chance to see Worf's troubled prerogatives. I thought he added great value to the whole show when he joined. Some of his one liners and facial expressions made me crack up and I think he really grew from his character on TNG. Anyone notice he stopped drinking prune juice and moved on to blood wine?

Jake Sisko - fairly inoffensive, and quite dull. One great episode (when he was an old man).

Miles O'Brien - a legend. Colm Meaney is a great actor and really gave O'Brien a fantastic depth. Also loved the episode (where Molly was missing in time) when he loudly exclaimed 'Oh B***ocks!' I really disliked Keiko though, even though visually it was clear O'Brien was really punching above his weight....

Quark - loved Quark and all the Ferengi storylines and characters, including the Grand Negus and Brunt. I liked how his and Odo's relationship grew throughout. He also developed more morality as the show grew, but still retained the naughtiness of the early seasons.

Odo - I really disliked him at first but he really grew on me. The one episode where he did not disable the security system and Rom was captured threw me a little. I thought this was well out of character for him (even if he had been linking at the time). I disliked his relationship with Kira, but I liked his relationship with Quark.

Dukat - I really liked Dukat, he was interesting and it gave the story a good link back to when the Cardassians ran Terok Nor. He also had some great descriptions of the Bajorans (until near the end when he went quite mad).

Garek - wonderful character. I found his one-liners fantastic. He really developed throughout the programme too. One of my favourite characters alongside O'Brien.

Nog - I liked the way he developed into a Star Fleet officer. I didn't like the incessant whinging of the earlier episodes.

Rom - a little mouse with a big heart. Sometimes he showed enormous bravery. He was also massively punching above his weight with Leeta.

Weyoun - For a bad guy, I liked him! He had some good put-downs to Dukat and Damar, and was so wonderfully grovelling to the founders. Great actor too.

Martok - he was great. A man of honour and bravery. Very fond of the blood wine.

Overall I loved the show. It had a bit of a slow start, but once the Dominion was on board (it was interesting re-watching it to see the smaller mentions of the Dominion) it really kicked on. I really disliked the Bajorans (and can see the irony since it was them and their wormhole that enabled the whole show to exist), I just found them whiny and dull.

There were lots of favourite episodes. One of my favourites was the one where Ben Sisko is a writer and loads of the other characters are in the episode whilst out of their usual makeup. I found it great trying to work out who was who! There were also some epic battles which I enjoyed, and of course the time travel episodes too!

I really wish a film had been made of the show. It probably ranks as my favourite star trek, simply down to the series storylines that go through multiple episodes. I managed to rewatch it all in less than a month, just through needing to see what happened next! The best thing was since it had been 10 years since I had previously watched it, a lot of it had been completely forgotten!
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