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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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And that poll shows that 80% would be okay with the Prime universe returning, only 20% are naysayers.
But that's a poll conducted on a Trek message board, populated by folks like us, who like to analyze and debate Trek on a daily basis.

But we are not the general audience. We are the extremes at one end of the spectrum. The vast majority of viewers are somewhere in the middle, which is where the real numbers are. (And, please, for once, let's not have any sneering at "the masses.")

It's all about being realistic and keeping things in perspective . . .
The general audience is in the "I don't care, as long as it's entertaining" group, which is independent from this poll.

So if you make an entertaining Prime Universe Trek film, you are on a track to make both 80% of the Trekkies and the general audience happy. What would be wrong with that?
Perhaps, but we shouldn't fall into the trap of thinking this a binary situation--with "the fans" on one side and "the general audience" on the other. It's more like a spectrum with people who will NEVER watch Trek on one end and those of us who can cite chapter and verse on EVERY episode on the other. Neither end of the spectrum is or should be the target audience. The mushy middle is where the bulk of the audience is--and they're as likely to be turned off by too much continuity as too little.

And, honestly, I think bringing back Kirk and Spock was a shrewd commercial move, at least at this juncture. They still have a lot more marquee value than, say, Captain Mimsey O'Roarke of the Starship Endeavor . . . .

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