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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

So after Lipton's post I made time to watch Distant Origin, and I'm going to write my thoughts before checking Teacake's opinion.

Due to the huge gaps in my season 3 viewing I'm not sure I'd mark it as the best the season has to offer, but it is most certainly up there. I love episodes that take an alternative perspective to what we're used too.

I also love the scientific approach to the whole thing, and that it comes down to the powerful not wanting to give up their grip on society. It's modern day thinking applied to a culture more technologically advanced than the Federation done incredibly well. Chakotay even gets a good speech, and I've been thinking that in the last few episodes his descent in being bland is well on it's way.

However, I didn't like the reasoning behind the the Voth's escape/our lack of knowledge. The Doctor and Janeway's analysis indicates that it's the removal from the extinction event that puts the Voth were they are, yet Chakotay and Gegan basically pin it on the Atlantis theory and it's handwaved for the rest of the episode. A species capable of fleeing the planet but just leaving the dinosaurs to it doesn't fit. Nor does them travelling all the way to the Delta Quadrant before settling. If we ever see the Voth again hopefully that gets addressed. If anything I think it needed to be an abduction clause. Some alien race saved Saurapods from the Extinction Event. I realise that this makes it a bit similar to The 37s, but it's far more fitting, and allows for the Voth's belief system to sit a lot better. Could it even be the same race?

Teacake, lol how come? The fact it ties everything back to Earth?
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