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Re: The "Keiko situation" (Rascals)

As for the "Keiko" situation, man you guys are really seeing into it! I never got from the scenes we saw, that O'Brien was thinking about how he was going to get layed again.

Like said above, he was basically weirded out that he felt this little 10 year old girl was not his wife, even though technically he knew she was. He had to force himself to hug her even though he felt he was hugging a kid who was a stranger. The same reaction her daughter had.

No sane person would be thinking at that moment "man! my sex life is over now!" or even "hmm, can I get myself to have sex with this 10 year old kid?"

Interesting how some of you do think it can happen.
I agree. By which I mean, I think you're right - I never read anything creepy into this scene before, although the biggest reason for that is because we know what kind of person Miles O'Brien is, and he's an honourable one.

On the other hand, now that it's been mentioned, it's easy to start reading way too much into the whole situation and scene. If you look at anything too deeply, you can read all sorts of weird stuff into it. Recently, I developed a sort of bizarre theory that a silly but otherwise innocent scene in a Disney film was hiding a much more disturbing subliminal message, but that's not relevant to this thread so I won't go into it here. The point is, anything can be analysed enough that something which may have been intended to be harmless can be perceived by some individuals as quite the opposite - or anything and everything in-between.

Most of this scene is, IMO, both played for laughs (O'Brien reminding Keiko that the coffee is hot in a manner he would to a child, then realising he's wrong when she says his name in an accusatory manner and apologising) and for slightly depressing drama (their disagreements about stuff plus Molly not recognising her mother). I think one thing that COULD be perceived as creepy is this exchange: (the key words here being 'could be perceived' - chances are it wasn't intended to be anything creepy at all)

Miles: "It's... I don't know, but this feels wrong somehow."
Keiko: "Miles Edward O'Brien, I am still your wife."
Miles: "- Technically, yes. "
Keiko: "- Technically?"
Miles: "No, I-I mean, of course you're my wife. But you're also ten years old."
Keiko: "Beverly said it's actually closer to 12."
Miles: "- That's not the point. -"
Keiko: "So what is the point? - Is our marriage over?"
Miles: "- I didn't say that. But until they find a way to reverse this effect, it's hard to ignore the fact that you're a little girl."

Again, as I said above, there's a good chance that there is no deeper, darker meaning behind this dialogue really, and that it's simply there to show how Miles (quite understandably) finds it impossible to treat their relationship the same way, because physically Keiko's just a little girl.

Now, that could potentially be perceived as implying something sexual, that's to do with Miles being unable to treat the relationship the same way for that reason. On the other hand, thinking that could just be reading too much into the scene again. Besides, the very fact that Miles clearly wouldn't treat their relationship in the same way when she's in this altered state basically eliminates any real creepiness, because we know Miles is an honourable character - it'd be wrong if he didn't behave somewhat differently.

Either way, an intriguing discussion. Reading too much into various scenes is always interesting, whether the conclusions one comes to are accurate or not.
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