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Re: The "Keiko situation" (Rascals)

Of course Stargate ended on kind of a creepy note, where child O'Neall was actually a clone of O'Neall and ended up going back to high school with the clear intention of hitting on high school age girls, which I would argue is more wrong than any affection between Keiko and Miles.
I can't remember how old young O'Neill was, but heck, let's say I were to be a 14 year old kid again (20 years younger). I'd have absolutely no qualms about going after girls my current age that back then I was too chicken to talk to, or whatever reasons.

I'm actually glad they went that route, as opposed to the route Trek (or most other Sci-Fi would have taken) which would have been to kill off the clone (by having him deteriorate, or die a hero, or some shit like that). Props to SG-1 for having balls to go different!

As for the "Keiko" situation, man you guys are really seeing into it! I never got from the scenes we saw, that O'Brien was thinking about how he was going to get layed again.

Like said above, he was basically weirded out that he felt this little 10 year old girl was not his wife, even though technically he knew she was. He had to force himself to hug her even though he felt he was hugging a kid who was a stranger. The same reaction her daughter had.

No sane person would be thinking at that moment "man! my sex life is over now!" or even "hmm, can I get myself to have sex with this 10 year old kid?"

Interesting how some of you do think it can happen.
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