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Re: If you could have one piece of trek tech, what would it be?

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I could definitely handle a holodeck but I do wonder what it would be like to grow up with easy access to them. Sure your parents might limit your time but we all know kids who never leave their bedroom because they gamers. I would think this would be a real problem for many.

Not having personal holodecks in the house would certainly cut down on that, but since this is the future where you can seemingly have whatever you want on earth why wouldn't you?
Interestingly, it was somewhat implied in Trek that this was not a common household device. More akin to having a movie theater inside your home, which for practical reasons would limit how many people could have one. I gather there were neighborhood holosuites/holotheaters closely matching the distribution of public movie theaters today.
Yeah I know that was what was implied.. but what as stopping people other than social expectation/pressure not to have personal holodecks?

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