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I wouldn't mind to see Kirsten Beyer as the author for a new series. My only objection is that I don't want it to take place in the Abramsverse.
It won't. Due to somethingorother (reports are contradictory), there aren't any novels set in the new movie continuity coming any time soon.
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I hadn't picked up any of the latest voyager books by Kirsten Beyer, but this thread inspired me to give them a go. I'm half way through Full Circle (I think) now.

I much prefer the writing to what we got from Christie Golden in homecoming, which was the last Voyager book I read. That book convinced me to give up on Voyager books entirely.

My problem is that half way through the story stopped entirely and moved to something else. I gather at this point events in another Star Trek book took place. I found it very distracting and it completely broke my enjoyment of the book as I tried to work out what I had missed. Once I did, things got better but I feel like I have to stop and go read a TNG or DS9 book to really appreciate the story. Is this normal for star trek novels or is it just this book?

I don't mind referencing to events in other books, but the break in the plot when it happens is annoying.
All the relaunch books suddenly CONVERGED and were smushed together and you were against your will reading all about Will Riker (gag) and his stupid Titan and all kinds of other people who you would have never heard of unless you had been following every bit of treklit for the last 7 or so years. It sucked.

I haven't got the patience for that. I read DS9 and VOY but against my will I was forced to read TNG and who knows what else while reading the latest VOY books.

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