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I hadn't picked up any of the latest voyager books by Kirsten Beyer, but this thread inspired me to give them a go. I'm half way through Full Circle (I think) now.

I much prefer the writing to what we got from Christie Golden in homecoming, which was the last Voyager book I read. That book convinced me to give up on Voyager books entirely.

My problem is that half way through the story stopped entirely and moved to something else. I gather at this point events in another Star Trek book took place. I found it very distracting and it completely broke my enjoyment of the book as I tried to work out what I had missed. Once I did, things got better but I feel like I have to stop and go read a TNG or DS9 book to really appreciate the story. Is this normal for star trek novels or is it just this book?

I don't mind referencing to events in other books, but the break in the plot when it happens is annoying.
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